Saturday, April 17 - District 5 Annual General Meeting (online)

Topic:  "Gardening in the Age of Coronavirus: Finding Solace in Uncertain Times" by Ingrid Jensen                                

Society Events

Public Events 2021


    Members' Events 2021


    Flower Competitions 

    Society members only are eligible to enter into our flower competitions. The competitions in 2021 will take place in May, July and September. The entry submissions are all to be done virtually, one week in advance of the meting.

    Horticultural Specimens (Cut Flowers)

    • Entry of cut flowers grown by the member
    • Categories of entries are detailed in the member's Yearbook (2021 Yearbook insert)
    • May enter only one specimen per category

    Design Competition - Themed Categories

    • Entry of arrangements created by the member
    • May use any materials grown or purchased, with minimal use of accessories
    • Use of an appropriate container to complement design in theme, colour and scale (size)
    • Judging follows the 2011 Ontario Judging Exhibiting Standards

    Local Area & National Flower Competitions

    • Members may participate in local and national level Horticultural and Design Competitions
    • If interested please talk to one of our Directors for assistance

    Our members participate in many of the local area competitions including, Canada Blooms, CNE and other local horticultural competitions.

    Annual Photo Competition
    Do you enjoy photography? Why not enter our annual Photo Competition? See the member handbook for details, rules of the competition and the class 'Themes'.