1990 - Illustration by Holly Williamson

Member of O.H.A. District 5

Garden Aurora is a part of the O.H.A. District 5.

2018- 100th Anniversary new logo

2012 - Photograph by Ray Matsalla

Meet Our Board of Directors

President: Donna Lewis

Vice President: Branislava Milosevic 
Secretary: Marie Wright
Past President and Treasurer: Cindy Scythes

Directors, and Committees
Membership - Heather McFarquhar

Members at Large
Sonia Koczekan
Linda Bulloch

Margaret Auld

Jovan Milosevic

Jetta van der Pels (ex-officio)

Event Planning Chairpersons
Plant Sale - Donna Lewis
Garden Tour - Judy Ryan
Flower Shows - Silvana Croce and Donna Lewis
Speaker Program - Cindy Scythes, Linda Bulloch

Member of O.H.A.

Garden Aurora is a member of the Ontario Horticultural Association.

Est. 1918

​Rooted in our town for 105 years

We are always pleased to welcome new members and guests to our monthly meetings, and to join us in participating in Aurora community events.  To join our online meeting as a guest/visitor please contact Cindy at 

In 1991, our Society adopted the Aurora Geranium as its floral emblem with an illustrated image.

In 2012, we updated our emblem with a photo which appears below.

2018 marked our 100th Anniversary and we adopted a new logo and an unofficial name Garden Aurora for public use.

Our legal name remains Aurora Garden and Horticultural society.