President: Donna Lewis

Vice President: Branislava Milosevic 
Secretary: Carole Craig
Past President: Cindy Scythes

Directors, and Committees
Membership - Marg Thiffault
Publicity - Jovan Milosevic
Bobby Pandolfi
Jetta Van der Pels
Shirley Binns

Event Planning Chairpersons
Plant Sale - 
Garden Tour - Judy
Flower Shows - Silvana and Donna
Special Events - Shirley, Cindy

Meet Our Board of Directors

1990 - Illustration by Holly Williamson

Member of O.H.A. District 5

Aurora Garden & Horticultural Society is a part of the O.H.A. District 5.

Hello and welcome to a new gardening year. We are very fortunate to be celebrating our society's 100th anniversary this year. It is with great eagerness that we extend a warm welcome to all our members and guests as we present you with a range of events on gardening topics. We hope that you will take full advantage of your membership, whether you seek to further your horticultural education, hone your skills as a floral designer or simply enjoy the company of fellow gardeners.  Our society will provide you with amazing learning resources (check our Speaker program) as well as plenty of opportunities to exhibit that interesting cultivar or flower arrangements you have been longing to flaunt.

All the details for the 2018 program and events are outlined within the pages of our members handbook.  Join in for our Speaker series, Garden Tour, Plant sale and monthly flower competitions which continue to be our focus as major activities of the society.

All events put together by our board present occasions to play a more active part in your society and we are always in pursuit of additional help. Catch the enthusiasm of trying new gardening ideas or contribute to our community outreach activities. We encourage you to join in, enhance and share your knowledge and help build our society’s future. We would love to hear from you if you are able to help with our events or if you feel that you have other skills to offer the society. We depend on everyone to make our society a vital and dynamic presence in the Aurora community; it takes everyone’s contribution. 

Welcome all and join us for another amazing year!

Our Association

Affiliate of O.H.A.

Aurora Garden & Horticultural Society is an affiliate of the Ontario Horticultural Association.

A Welcome Message from the Board…

We are always pleased to welcome new members and guests to our monthly meetings, and to join us in participating in Aurora community events.

2018 marks our 100th Anniversary

In 1991, our Society adopted the Aurora Geranium as its floral emblem. The Aurora Geranium grows in Mexico and Costa Rica.

2012 - Photograph by Ray Matsalla