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Garden Aurora is a member of the Ontario Horticultural Association.

           A Welcome Message from the Board…

We are always pleased to welcome new members and guests to our monthly meetings, and to join us in participating in Aurora community events.  To join our online meeting as a guest/visitor please contact Cindy at scythes.kavchak@sympatico.ca 

2018 marked our 100th Anniversary

In 1991, our Society adopted the Aurora Geranium as its floral emblem. The Aurora Geranium grows in Mexico and Costa Rica.

2012 - Photograph by Ray Matsalla

​Welcome to the 104th season of Garden Aurora! Believe it or not, despite the challenges imposed by the pandemic, we are still growing (pun intended). And, in the coming year, there is much to look forward to.

This past year we have met the challenges of COVID 19 with creativity, staying connected with our members, featuring some fabulous speakers and remarkable virtual flower shows as well as a very memorable photography competition. (You can check out some of our members’ entries on our website photos page.)

Although near the end of summer we managed to raise some funds helping dig out plants at Merlin’s Hollow, 2021 still left us short of our club’s popular fundraising events such as the plant sale and garden tour. This year, on May 29 we are planning to bring our plant sale back. On June 26 we hope to entertain you by highlighting eight beautiful Aurora gardens selected by our own Garden Tour committee. Additionally, a new activity has been planned by Garden Aurora to commemorate the Year of the Garden – we will be saluting Aurora gardeners with the most inspiring front yards.

All members are welcome to join in on the planning by being part of the Board and/or volunteering at our club’s events. We strongly value your skills and experience and we look forward to working with you.

We hope that you will remain engaged, attend our monthly meetings, share your gardening wisdom with new members, and support your Board of Directors.  We cannot do this without you, so thank you kindly for all that you do.

With much appreciation, your board.


President: Donna Lewis

Vice President: Branislava Milosevic 
Secretary: vacant
Past President and Treasurer: Cindy Scythes

Directors, and Committees
Membership - Heather McFarquhar
Publicity - Jovan Milosevic

Members at Large
Sonia Koczekan
Shirley Binns

Linda Bulloch

Margaret Auld

Jetta van der Pels (corresponding)

Event Planning Chairpersons
Plant Sale - Donna Lewis
Garden Tour - Judy Ryan
Flower Shows - Silvana Croce and Donna Lewis
Special Events - Shirley Binns, Cindy Scythes


1990 - Illustration by Holly Williamson

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Member of O.H.A. District 5

Garden Aurora is a part of the O.H.A. District 5.